• The Definitive Guide for Photographers.
  • Offers invaluable tips and the tools to help the photographer take control of the creative process.


What makes a great photo? Flicking through the pages of popular photography magazines you might get the impression that there’s only one rule of importance—the rule of thirds. Indeed it appears that some will judge the merit of a photograph-based almost solely on this. Rarely do you hear discussion about visual weight, balance, depth, and so on? Author and professional photographer Richard Garvey-Williams think that success lies in a combination of four elements: an impactful subject; dynamic composition; effective use of lighting; and, perhaps the most crucial, ability to invoke an emotional response in the viewer. The author analyzes the concepts, rules, and guidelines that define successful composition in photography and offers practical guidance to achieving great results. In clear, concise, and jargon-free text he also considers the role of tone and color in good composition.