When the Rams struck a deal with the Broncos to send Von Miller to Los Angeles, the team’s Twitter account posted that the team is “all in” on the 2021 season.

That opinion was shared by most around the football world as the team sent their 2022 second- and third-round picks to Denver after trading their first-rounder to the Lions for quarterback Matthew Stafford earlier this year. No one with the Rams would dispute that the goal is to win now, but General Manager Les Snead said that they also have their eye on a future that includes Miller in a Rams uniform.

“We’re actually looking at this from a standpoint of how soon can he help us, can he help us if we’re fortunate enough to continue going and make the 2021 tournament, how can he help us there,” Snead said, via Lindsay Thiry of ESPN.com. “And then there’s a long-term vision for Von as well.”

Snead said the team has discussed the possibility of a long-term deal with Miller’s representatives. The Rams aren’t projected to have a ton of cap space in 2022, but the Rams and other teams around the league have shown an ability to make things fit well enough to keep teams in contention even when the financials seem to be working against them.